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Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp
Mon Dec 24 03:48:43 EST 2001

Situation in the UK, in brief.
Of these 4, BATTLE ROYALE was the best received by the public, despite being 
publically trounced by most of the UK critical establishment, such as Tony 
Rayns and Geoff Andrews. Proves what these guys know.
EUREKA had a very limited one cinema run and as with GOHATTO, made little 
impact with the public despite critical plaudits.
AUDITION seemed to be well received by both the public and those that make a 
living out of the film industry.
There were a couple of seasons, one devoted to Fukasaku and another mixed 
bag at the NFT curated by Tony Rayns.

Can I just add my vote to the worst film seen this year - not Japanese in 
this case: Michael Haneke's THE PIANO TEACHER. I did pledge never to any of 
this guys films ever again after being annoyed beyond belief at his FUNNY 
GAMES, but my girlfriend unfortunately insisted I took her to see this one, 
and then refused to talk to me for several hours after it had finished. 
Again, a critically lauded film which will destroy any mainstream interest 
in "arthouse" cinema. What is this belief that anything with subtitles must 
be unwatchable? The UK needs a lot more films like BATTLE ROYALE or AMELIE 
in the cinemas and less tedious Euro-snorefests from supposed "artists" like 
Michael Haneke if people are to be tempted to start going to watch 
non-hollywood films again.

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>Subject: year's check up
>Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 13:35:45 +0100
>Hello everyone,
>I intend to write a concise check up of this year's situation of asian
>cinema outside Japan, in festivals, in theatrical circuits, etc
>Anyone has their views on the subject? What were the Japanese films that
>according to you really hit the mark abroad, in festivals, in seasons, etc?
>Were you disappointed with films that were hotly awaited? Do you think
>Japan's number one talents came up with disappointing works? Etc.
>Any view on the subject will be gladly welcomed
>Robin Gatto

Midnight Eye

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