Rotterdam and Sento

Jasper Sharp
Tue Feb 6 03:52:07 EST 2001

Thanks for the interest,
It will be going up on the website - the website itself
will be ready in a week or so, and the interview should follow rather
quickly afterwards.
I'll keep everyone on the mailing list posted,

Jasper Sharp

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> Mr Sento was there with his new air hostess wife. I dropped a bit of a
> clanger in an interview with Miss Kawase, as I didn't realise the two were
> divorced.
> Kawase-san, along with the other directors I had a chance to speak to
> Fukasaku and Sogo Ishii) didn't seem to manifest much in the way of
> ability

I would appreciate a copy of your interview with Naomi Kawase.

Thank you,
          Alexander Soifer
          asoifer at

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