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Wed Jan 10 01:39:24 EST 2001

Hello everyone.

I bought the DVD for Charisma and watched it a few nights ago.  There were a 
couple of slight problems with the picture and the behind-the-scenes 
documentary wasn't very exciting, but the film itself was just as 
interesting as I remembered.  I'm glad to see it's been making it onto some 
of the Top 10 lists.  I have a question, echoing something I think another 
member asked about Cure several months ago.  A little while after Charisma 
is burned, we see Nakasone's and his group sleeping in their cabin.  They 
wake up to the sound of the radio.  The sound isn't very clear.  What 
exactly is being broadcast?

A friend who watched with me was bothered by the film's abrupt shift into 
"surrealism" in several scenes(?), and felt that while Kurosawa's work was 
interesting to watch, it was not particularly meaningful.  I tend to 
disagree.  Anyone else have comments?

I also went out to see Battle Royale over the vacation.  Despite the hubbub, 
I didn't think it was nearly as upsetting as the politicians have been 
saying.  It is fairly melodramatic, sure, but it certainly isn't as gross 
(or morally bereft) as the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Friday the 13th movies 
I watched as a kid.  I went to the new Exorcist a few days later (perhaps 
similar in the sense of turning minors into monsters?) and I thought the 
1973 movie was much more upsetting.

Happy New Year!
Mike Arnold
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