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Fri Jan 26 10:49:12 EST 2001

Haven't seen this one - or many other Obayashi films - so can't comment.  A
Toho film which came out Christmas 1985.  Stars SAWAGUCHI Yasuko, KONNO
Misako, ASANO Atsuko, TOMITA Yasuko and OMI Toshinori.  Co-scripted by
SEKIMOTO Ikuo who seems to have taken over the GOKUDO NO ONNATACHI
franchise.  My Japanese is pretty awful, but from Pia Cinema Club writeup it
seems to be about four sisters in Kyoto and their respective puppy loves. 
No bodyswapping or time travel in this one I'd hazard to guess.


>From: "Michael E. Kerpan" <kerpan at>
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>Subject: Shimaizaka
>Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 19:35:56 -0500

>I notice that Obayashi's Shimaizaka is currently available on DVD from Hong
>Kong (w/o English subtitles).  While I found information on some of Obayashi's
>films (none of _these_ are available, it would seem), I find no information on
>this one.  Is it worth seeing, even if you can't understand the dialog
>particularly? <g>
>Michael Kerpan
>Boston, MA

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