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Fri Jan 26 23:04:35 EST 2001

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, you wrote:

> Haven't seen this one - or many other Obayashi films - so can't comment.  A
> Toho film which came out Christmas 1985.  Stars SAWAGUCHI Yasuko, KONNO
> Misako, ASANO Atsuko, TOMITA Yasuko and OMI Toshinori.  Co-scripted by
> SEKIMOTO Ikuo who seems to have taken over the GOKUDO NO ONNATACHI
> franchise.  My Japanese is pretty awful, but from Pia Cinema Club writeup it
> seems to be about four sisters in Kyoto and their respective puppy loves. 
> No bodyswapping or time travel in this one I'd hazard to guess.

Thanks for the information.  I suspect that this is not something I'd want to
tackle in untranslated form. <g>

Best wishes,

Michael Kerpan
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