Kanesaka's Hop Scotch

Jim Beaver jumblejim at prodigy.net
Fri Jan 26 15:37:11 EST 2001

Hop Scotch, directed by Kanesaka Kenji, is listed among shorts available for
rental in the 1976 catalog of Audio Brandon rental films.  The text for the
catalog was written by Barbara Wolf, Lecturer in Japanese Film, University
of San Francisco.

Other shorts listed, for which I can find no release date or other
information, include:  Donald Richie's VOYEUR VIRTUOSO and WARGAMES,
Shimamura Tatsuo's FANTASY CITY, and Takabayashi Yoichi's VILLAGE SKIN.
Japanese titles are not listed for any of these in the catalog.  Any data
would be helpful.

Jim Beaver
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Never heard of a KANESAKA Kenji or HOP SCOTCH.  Could it be KANETAKA Kenji
whose two-hour documentary PERFECT 9 came out on 25 September 1999?  My
guess is that HOP SCOTCH hasn't been released like most short films.  If its
a film from late seventies or early eighties then it might be listed with a
date in those wonderful photo annuals Yamane Sadao used to work on.
Probably worth contacting Image Forum or some other body tracking short
films.  If you're aware of it playing in any film festivals then the
catalogue will usually list a print source which you could presumably
contact the director through.


>From: "Jim Beaver" <jumblejim at prodigy.net>
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>Subject: Kanesaka's Hop Scotch
>Date: Tue, Jan 23, 2001 3:18

>Does anyone know the year of release of Kenji Kanesaka's short film HOP
>SCOTCH?  (I presume the Japanese title is ISHIKERI or ª¤ª·ª±ª?
>Any additional information on this film would be welcome as well.
>Jim Beaver

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