Kanesaka's Hop Scotch

Bernardi-Buralli dburall1
Sun Jan 28 23:30:44 EST 2001

I have a little info on Richie's films that might be helpful: in 1989 (22-24
December), the Sogetsu Cinemateque held a retrospective of his films,
"Donald Richie shi no eizo koten/The Films of Donald Richie". This was a
selection of 11 of his films, and Richie was present to play piano
accompaniment. It was an interesting experience. WARGAMES (SENSOGOKKO, 1962,
20 min.) is listed in the program, but not VOYEUR VIRTUOSO. let me know if
you'd like me to make a copy of the program for you (and where to send
it)--it has commentary on all the films. Kawakita Memorial Film Library,
Image Forum, Firumu aatosha and Sutansu Company contributed to the
realization of the program. Contact info for Sogetsu Cinemateque (as listed
in 1989 program, which includes a filmography for RIchie):

Sogetsu Cinemateque
Akasaka 7-2-21
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107
(tel: 03-408-1126)

Joanne Bernardi
U of Rochester
jobi at mail.rochester.edu
dburall1 at rochester.rr.com

> Other shorts listed, for which I can find no release date or other
> information, include:  Donald Richie's VOYEUR VIRTUOSO and WARGAMES,
> Shimamura Tatsuo's FANTASY CITY, and Takabayashi Yoichi's VILLAGE SKIN.
> Japanese titles are not listed for any of these in the catalog.  Any data
> would be helpful.
> Jim Beaver


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