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Mark Anderson ander025 at umn.edu
Sun Jan 28 18:18:18 EST 2001

Reply to Peter High
         I would like to respond to your posting on the grad school positio 
in Japanese film, but there seems to be an error in your e-mail address as 
posted on the notice. Please check and reply.
                                                         Mark Anderson
At 03:16 PM 1/28/01 +0900, you wrote:
>About a week ago, I posted an annopuncement for a grad-school level,
>film-related teaching position at Nagoya University (not a nibble from you
>guys'n gals yet, tho...)
>I now want to announce ANOTHER POSITION opening for a foreigner at Nagoya
>University. This time around, its an English teaching position, non-tenure
>(5 years). Therefore the requirements would include at least some
>background in ESL/EFL, along with an MA (we often get Ph.D applicants, I
>must warn you; and those are the ones preferred). You should also have a
>few publications in your area of specialty. Recently, these latter have
>become a prime criterion for the position.
>I think it would be a great opportunity for someone with a commitment to
>Japanese film studies. We already have two specialists in the field here
>and an ever-growing number of students eagerly engaged in research.
>The pay is quite good (good housing too!) and there'd be more than enough
>time to pursue your scholarly interests.
>As are most Japanese uni.s, Nagoya University is unabashedly age-ist; the
>age limit is 35.In addition to a language teaching load of about seven
>classes a week, you might well be asked to run a grad level seminar in
>your area of specialty--which would be film, I hope.
>Although it would be nice if you spoke enough Japanese to handle such a
>class, there's no such requirement. If you DO have the language ability,
>you could be in line for a more permanent position. (There's a very good
>Japanese language program on campus here, incidentally, and you could
>probably attend...part-time, anyway).
>The fact that I am announcing this position in a  stage whisper using
>colloquial language is significant. Formal recruitment has not yet begun,
>since the former instructor just announced his resignation two days ago.
>Its not even clear whether the position would be open for April. It may
>have to be delayed until October 1st.
>In any case, if you're intetrested...
>Peter B. High
>j45843a at nucc.cc.nagoya-u.ac.jp

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