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Fri Jan 12 22:46:45 EST 2001

>A little while after Charisma 
>is burned, we see Nakasone's and his group sleeping in their cabin.  They 
>wake up to the sound of the radio.  The sound isn't very clear.  What 
>exactly is being broadcast?

One can check the film, which out on video.  But I have not...

But I did check the script, which is printed in the April 2000 issue of 
Shinario.  The scene you mention, on p. 101, I think, unfortunately does 
not give any specifics.  In fact, it doesn't even mention the radio.  One 
can at least say the contents of the radio were not planned at the script 
stage, but nothing more, at least not without checking the film.

>A friend who watched with me was bothered by the film's abrupt shift into 
>"surrealism" in several scenes(?), and felt that while Kurosawa's work was 
>interesting to watch, it was not particularly meaningful.  I tend to 
>disagree.  Anyone else have comments?

I'm not sure what is meant by "surrealism" here, but you can also check 
out my Charisma review on the Kinema Club site for a few comments on the 
film's "meaning."

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