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Aaron Gerow gerow
Sun Jan 14 19:34:34 EST 2001

>Aaron, it definitely looked like B&W neg printed on color stock, but I doubt 
>any of it was unpredictable since a color print off a B&W neg would have a 
>blue or green tint. (Just look at any Wings of Desire print to see what 
>happens). It was definitely printed as sepia tone and no good lab would say 
>that anything about this process is uncontrolled, though of course, my 
>opinion of Japanese lab work is fairly low at times. The only color 
>variations I can think of would be on purpose or due to chemical stains. 

Well, I was just following some of Tamura's comments in the press notes 
where he was noting how some of the effects were surprising and at least 
variable.  In some cases, they went overboard and had to trash some 
printed scenes.  But then again, Tamura is a cameraman, not a developer.

Imagica, by the way, did the printing, and it is one of Japan's oldest 
and best respected labs.  But just out of curiosity, Dennis, what is the 
object of your occasional low opinion of Japanese labs?

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