CFP: Shifting Narratives

Susan Morrison Susan.Morrison
Sun Jan 14 15:33:46 EST 2001

This is a call for papers for issue #56 of cineAction, an international
film journal published 3 times a year from Toronto Canada. "Shifting
Narratives",  the theme for issue#56 ,  is intended to provoke a closer
look at what actually counts as ?storytelling? in films today. We are
particularly  interested in investigations into the ways in which (and
reasons why) classical narrative conventions seem to have been
manipulated, transformed  or discarded altogether .  Some aspects that may
be explored include the technological (e.g.  impact of videotape recorders
and dvd players on filmwatching and analysing ), formal/structural (e.g.
television editing practices of Sesame Street , MTV and commercials), and
ideological (e.g. independent film and non-classical, non-American,
non-western films and filmmaking practices). 

Papers are to be submitted by July 1, 2001 with a mailed hard copy and
emailed file attachment(saved as text only). It would be appreciated if a
50-100 word proposal be submitted/emailed by March15 directly to Susan
Morrison , the editor of this issue.

All correspondence should be similarly directed to:
 Susan Morrison
314 Spadina Road
Toronto On M5R 2V6
Email: smorr at

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