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M Arnold ma_iku
Mon Jan 15 01:29:39 EST 2001


>Film. ...they took a black and white negative and printed it on color print 

That makes sense.  It did have a trendy sort of "sepia" look.  (In this case 
I'm not complaining, though.)  I must have been confusing Eureka with the 
digital photography in Shady Grove.  At any rate, I think cinematographer 
Tamura did an incredible job.  Even after 3 hours the composition was sharp.

In regards to Dennis's comments, I have a small amount of experience in 
still photography and I've found *consumer-level* photo lab work in Japan to 
be much better than what I've used in the States.  I haven't really noticed 
any badly printed films in the theater, but on the other hand I have seen a 
lot of videos here, of foreign releases especially, that are almost 
unwatchable.  Am I just overreacting or could this be part of the same 

Finally, it looks like nobody has noted this here yet, but there was another 
busjacking incident on Saturday night.  There's currently an article on the 
Mainichi web site.

Michael Arnold
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