Asian Invasion

Aaron Gerow gerow
Mon Jan 15 02:24:44 EST 2001

>Just out of curiosity, are there actually more Asian films being distributed
>(or showing in NYC) today that, say, ten years ago. My suspicion is that
>there aren't. If that's the case, what generates this? What brings Korea
>forward? What moves Japan to the background? I do think something is
>happening, but I don't think it has to do with distribution. Thoughts?

Just a few brief comments:

I really don't know about the actual number of prints being distributed, 
but from my position looking at the States from Japan, it seems that what 
is being distributed is getting more attention, both critical and 
commercial.  Edward Yang's film getting a big film critic's award was 
quite surprising.  And the success of Woo and Jackie Chen has made Asia 
not simply art but also bankable entertainment.

Why Korea and not Japan?  Well, Korean film has massive support from the 
government and business, but not Japanese film.  Also a lot of those new 
people making films not only in Korea, but also in Taiwan, did their film 
education in the US which, for better or for worse, gives them 
connections to the US situation.  I still wonder what would happen to 
Japanese film commercially worldwide if the government and industry 
supported it more, in part through more film education (at home or 

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