Japanese DVD's with English Subtitles (E+J)

Maureen Donovan donovan.1
Thu Jan 18 23:55:59 EST 2001


Ohio State U Libraries recently got the DVD, Masterpieces of Japanese Silent
Cinema ???????? (Tokyo: Urban Connections).   Although it is not
really what you are looking for, I think you should consider adding it to
your list of Japanese DVD's with English Subtitles.  It is a very nice
bilingual product.  The silent films can be watched with English or Japanese
subtitles and there are interviews with benshi and others that are
subtitled.  The bibliographic information is in both languages as well.
Here's the web site with information about the DVD and how to order:


Have you or others on the list seen this?  Opinions?

Thanks for compiling this list.  It is very useful!


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