lo all!

David Duncan neku78
Wed Jan 24 23:54:13 EST 2001

Dear fellow enthusiasts,
     I am very excited to become a part of something like this.  It's
very hard for me to discuss and analyze Japanses film in the part
of the world I live in.  It is even harder to find Japanses cinema to
view.  So I prize this opprotunity.  As an introduction, my meat and
potatoes has always been Samurai film.  What can I say, I'm a little
boy at heart.  In this vein, I'm working on research to mythically
analyze and compare the Japanese Saumrai and American Western mythos' in
film.  The reason for me telling you this is I would love to hear what
10 Samurai movies YOU think are the best.  The top-grossing, most
experimental, most classic, whatever.  I just want your 10 favorites.
More importantly than research, this will give me a chance to get to
know some of you better, and open up topics for discussion.  Thanks again
for those who worked so hard to make this possible for people like me.
I hope to hear from you soon!
     David from Arkansas...
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