Lewis Saul lsaul
Tue Jan 30 23:50:08 EST 2001

>far, but personally this was somewhat of a disappointment.  Like so many
>other actor/directors, Kitano's best films seem to be the ones that he
>isn't in.
>Looking forward to discussing this more with other Kinejapaners.

I haven't seen Brother yet, but I have to disagree with you right off the
bat about his not being in his "best" films!

Although Aaron seemed only lukewarm about it -- I am NUTS about Kikujiro! I
really can't see it enough! I think this film is what's best about some of
Kitano's odd filmic notions -- and, for me, they all come together
beautifully -- the long holds on people-empty frames; the humor, frequently
so deliciously subtle that you get it ten beats later; the very real pathos
[I actually started crying during the scene on the grass ("keep off the
grass") the way the actress who played the girl with her boyfriend -- she
was so expressive!] -- the racetrack scene -- the way the kid's "summer
vacation" notebook structured the chapters -- the colors were gorgeous! etc.

And the goofy freaky motorcycle dudes at the end of the movie were really a
stroke of genius, imho. What could easily degenerate into ridiculous
slapstick is expertly guided in and around several sight gags -- and, I
guess my point -- I think Kitano is really fantastic in these scenes.

"Scene At The Sea" -- with NO actor Kitano -- might be my 2nd favorite!
[hard to leave out Hana-bi, of course...]

A huge Kitano fan,

Lew Saul

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