M Arnold ma_iku
Wed Jan 31 03:02:08 EST 2001

Hi everyone.

Last weekend I picked up the new DVD for Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Cure.  The 
picture is very good (much sharper than the Charisma DVD) and the disc 
includes English subtitles.  The late scene with Takabe listening to the 
recording is even subtitled.  The film will also be aired on NTV early next 
Tuesday morning.

With the recent discussion about best 10 samurai movies, I started 
thinking... I'd be hard-pressed to come up with 10 Japanese scary movies I 
really enjoy.  Anyone willing to stick their neck out and suggest a 
horror/thriller top 10?

Did anyone make it through the weather to the Aoyama Shinji lectures last 
weekend?  I got into the last one on Sunday and it was interesting, but I 
hear the earlier meetings were a little "deeper".  I'd be interested in 
hearing any comments.

One more thing.  I don't recall if it's been mentioned here or not, but I 
picked up a flyer at the Aoyama talk that says Eureka is being shown with 
English subtitles every Sunday night from 7:00 (at Teatoru Shinjuku).

Michael Arnold
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