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Aaron Gerow gerow at ynu.ac.jp
Sun Nov 4 21:45:10 EST 2001

The Tokyo International Film Festival ended on Sunday with the awards 
ceremony.  The grand prize for the competition went to the Albanian film 
Slogans.  The only Japanese competition film to win an award was 
Kewaishi, whose scripter Yokota Yoshi received the screenplay award.  (I 
can't help but think this was a token award, given how poor I thought the 
film itself was.)

In one bright note, the Asian Award, given to an Asian film at the 
festival that had not been shown at a major international film festival, 
went to Kazama Shiori's Canon on Tuesday (Kasei no kanon).

Almost everyone I talked to was disappointed by the festival. I was sad 
that the Nippon Cinema Now people have basically given up on doing extra 
screenings of new Japanese films, possibly because they've come to 
realize foreign press and festival coordinators have largely stopped 
coming to the TIFF.  The new director of the TIFF seems to promise 
revamping the festival, and so NHK is doing a show on the past and future 
of the festival (to be aired November 10). But the future does not look 
bright from here.

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