Not Forgotten

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Mon Nov 5 08:13:27 EST 2001

Shinozaki's film is one of the most beautiful films I've seen this year, 
Japanese or otherwise, and fortunately managed to convince my girlfriend 
that Japanese cinema isn't all sex and violence after a foolhardy attempt at 
introducing her to the subject with Yoichi Sai's Marks no Yama during the 
recent Tony Rayn's curated season at the NFT in London. There was not a 
single dry eye in the house after this one screened, and though I feel to 
some extent Shinozaki fumbled the ball at the films climax, the preceding 90 
minutes or so were so inspirational I'll forgive anything.
Having recently had a chance to catch OKAERI as well, I'd rate Shinozaki as 
one of the most original and powerful, yet woefully over-looked director's 
that emerged during the last decade. I am looking forward to seeing what he 
can do next.

Jasper Sharp

Midnight Eye

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>Subject: Re: Imamura's Warm Water Under a Red Bridge
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>Can't say I've seen this one yet (yet to be released in Osaka), but despite
>Mike's eloquent defense of the film the subject matter still appears to be
>the creation of a repressed middle-aged (male) imagination.  Still, it's
>strangely reassuring to know that shoddy projection is not only the
>preserve of Osaka cinemas.
>  However, I did catch Shinozaki Makoto's "Wasurerarenu Hitobito/Not
>Forgotten" a couple of weeks ago.  Meant to write something on it a while
>back, but the list has been fairly dead recently.  Has anyone had a chance
>to see this yet?  If so, what did you think?  I'll reserve comment until
>someone shows an interest in this thread, but I will say that it was the
>first film in quite a while to get the old tear ducts working.
>Don Brown
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