Not Forgotten/Ishii Sogo's Boxman

Don Brown the8thsamurai at
Tue Nov 6 21:00:17 EST 2001

Seeing that both Robin and Tom mentioned "Shojo/An Adolescent" as one of 
the worst films of the year, and having heard very little about it, I 
decided to check out the website (  Yeesh, I'm glad 
that noone caught me looking at it on the work computer.  I wish I'd 
namechecked it in my last post.
 Changing the subject entirely, although not wanting to disrupt the 
best/worst film thread, can anyone tell me about Ishii Sogo's next film, 
"Boxman"?  It's briefly mentioned on Bun's J-movie fan homepage, but I've been able to find any 
information about it.  Is there any link between this film and the book of 
the same name by Abe Kobo?
Don Brown

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