Imamura's Warm Water Under a Red Bridge/Freeze Me

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Tue Nov 6 19:24:08 EST 2001

>Relatively speaking, I thought it packed 
>many times
>the "feminism" as something like Freeze Me, which gave us a 
>sexploitation film while hiding behind a story supposedly about a 
>woman".  Did anyone get a different impression?  (Then again--and 
>correct me if my memory is off--I think Freeze Me got several 
>comments in a previous Eiga Geijutsu.)

I think that anyone in their right mind would have a hard time calling a 
film as excruciating as "Freeze Me" feminist.  Unless killing rapists and 
storing them in the freezer is part of some new movement I haven't been 
made aware of.  I'm not surprised that Inoue Harumi has pretty much dropped 
off the radar since she appeared in that movie, considering the fact she 
spent most of her time in it being repeatedly raped and beaten.  A brave 
career move on her part, but seemingly not a wise one.  Perhaps it would 
have been a slightly more feminist film had her character emerged 
victorious at the end.  Movies like Freeze Me, Perfect Education (and 
perhaps Warm Water Under A Red Bridge) seem to be telling us that we need 
less stories from male directors on female sexuality, seeing as how so many 
of them resort to fetishism and sado-masochism.
Makes me want to read that edition of Eiga Geijutsu though...
Don Brown  

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