Not Forgotten

Tom Mes china_crisis
Tue Nov 6 15:07:21 EST 2001

>I'm in agreement with Kurosawa Kiyoshi that this is the best film of the 
>year so far, with Firefly Dreams and Electric Dragon 80000 in close 

I haven't seen Firefly Dreams, but I second the choices of Not Forgotten and 
Electric Dragon. My other votes would go to Tomoyuki Furumaya's Bad Company, 
Takashi Miike's Visitor Q, as well as Dead or Alive 2 (although it 
officially came out last year).

>That brings me to another question: what was the worst Japanese film you 
>saw this year?

Deeply disappointing or downright awful were Nobuhiro Suwa's H Story, 
Takashi Miike's Family, Katsuhito Ishii's Party 7 and Eiji Okuda's 
directorial debut Shojo.

Tom Mes

Midnight Eye

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