Eureka in SS

A. M. Nornes amnornes at
Mon Nov 12 16:10:37 EST 2001

Peter Matthews has a beautifully written piece on Eureka in the new Sight
and Sound 11:11 (November 2001): 20-22. He reads the film through the
traumatic reverberations of 9/11, a places Aoyama in impressive company:
"More than half a century ago the Italian neorealists tried to revivify our
stale perceptions by upholding real time and the minutiae of everyday life.
Directors such as Rossellini, Visconti and De Sica solicited a
non-hierarchical mode of viewing that finds beauty everywhere---in the
humble as well as the great. Aoyama merits a proud place in this lineage,
and I'm sure that Andre Bazin, the foremost critical exponent of neorealism,
would have loved _Eureka_, since it fulfils his dreams." It's a great
article, aside from a paragraph or two of Zen-and-Butterflies Orientalism.

It's followed by a straighforward article introducing Studio Ghibli. Andrew
Osmond, "Anime Magic" 24-26. A nice intro for the uninitiated.


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