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Tue Nov 13 03:38:08 EST 2001

A. M. Nornes <amnornes at> writes
>Peter Matthews has a beautifully written piece on Eureka in the new Sight
>and Sound 11:11 (November 2001): 20-22.

Agreed. That said, the review of Eureka in the next Sight and Sound
(11:12, December, just published in Britain) has a scathing review of
Eureka by Tony Rayns (p48-9), describing the film as 'ludicrously
overpraised,' 'a frigid intellectual construct,' and concluding 'It's
hard to understand why the film's enthusiasts find its account of a
spiritual recovery from catastrophe so moving when the background
details are so clunkily melodramatic and the headway the protagonists
make is so nebulous.'
Having not seen the film yet, I can't make any comment, except to hope
Mr Matthews and Mr Rayns might duel on the letters page in future

>It's followed by a straighforward article introducing Studio Ghibli. Andrew
>Osmond, "Anime Magic" 24-26. A nice intro for the uninitiated.
Thanks, glad you liked it. My original title, by the way, was Floating
Worlds, which I thought was appropriate on several levels, but it might
raise charges of Orientalism...
andrew osmond

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