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andrew osmond andrew
Sat Nov 24 07:08:00 EST 2001

I hope people will forgive what may be a fatuous post; this forum seemed
the best place to ask.

As a few list-members may recall, I'm a freelance journalist from
England. I mostly write on film and other screen media, though I've dome
articles on educational issues for the likes of Britain's Times
Educational Supplement, and passed the Cardiff journalism course which
explored other obvious areas - e.g. travel writing. In the past I've
found animation (all nationalities) to be a useful niche, so several of
my articles are skewed that way. I've freelanced for the best part of a
decade and have a reasonable portfolio of articles for UK and US
newspapers and magazines. One of my latest articles was a profile of
Studio Ghibli for the BFI journal Sight and Sound.

The reason I'm saying all this is because I may be spending some time in
Japan in the forseeable future. (I visited the country before, last
year.) My plans are nebulous, especially with regards to funding, but I
was wondering if it's possible to submit freelance writing while I'm
there. My glaring limitation is that, while I'm striving to improve my
Japanese, it's nowhere near good enough for me to write acceptable
articles in that language. Hence I could only submit work to (a)
English-language publications in Japan or (b) overseas English-language
publications as a 'man in Japan.'

If anyone reading this has experience in the field and can give out any
tips or advice (positive or negative), please email me privately.

andrew osmond

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