A Man Vanishes Twice

Tom Mes china_crisis
Mon Nov 5 10:44:51 EST 2001

Having made the cross-town trip to the Parisian Cin?math?que last night to 
see Pigs And Battleships and A Man Vanishes in the Imamura retrospective, I 
(and judging from the reactions around me I wasn't the only one) was quite 
shocked to discover that A Man Vanishes had been cancelled, to be replaced 
by an extra screening of Black Rain.

Some questioning revealed that the print of the film had not yet arrived and 
that there was no telling when it would. I did hear somebody say that it 
wouldn't be screening before the 25th, meaning that if it comes, it will be 
shown at the tail end of the retrospective.

I stuck around and watched Black Rain, and was very surprised when I saw 
none other than Takashi Miike pop up in the film in a small acting part 
(with several lines of dialogue), in the scenes where Yasuko and her aunt 
and uncle finally arrive in the factory after making their way through 
devastated Hiroshima. That Miike was assistant director on the film is a 
fairly well-known fact by now, but I had never heard anything about him 
actually being in the film as an actor.

Tom Mes

Midnight Eye

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