TokyoScope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion

Patrick Macias jaguar
Tue Nov 27 13:16:28 EST 2001

Hey KJ-ers,

Just wanted to say a few words about my new book TokyoScope: The Japanese
Cult Film Companion (not Corporation as was reported here and in the
Publishers Group West catalog!), which indeed does feature a Foreward by
Kinji Fukasaku and an Afterword by Takashi Miike.

The book is officially out, and although on-line dealers such as Amazon and
Barnes & Noble don't list it as being in stock yet, the mail order
department of the publisher (Viz/Cadence) has it ready to ship and copies
are just beginning to pop up in stores. Until the big guys here in the
states get around to stocking something more than Lord of the Rings and
Harry Potter tie-ins, interested parties who want TokyoScope sooner rather
than later should go to

Regarding the contents of TokyoScope itself, several excerpts from the book
can be found at

They include the complete table of contents, Kinji's Foreword, the
introduction, a review of "The Tattooed Hitman", a survey of Toei's "Pinky
Violence" films, and a profile of Dead or Alive star Riki Takeuchi

Thanks in advance to all interested parties!!

Patrick Macias
c/o Viz Communications
655 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
415 546-7073 x112

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