Anyone seen a film called PAIN?

Jochen Bitterlich jochen.bitterlich at
Wed Oct 10 18:12:48 EDT 2001

I did't see it either, but it was shown in Berlin at the "Berlin Beta 2001".

"The film portrays a group of young people who seek out for quick money, but
falling in the trap of the body selling game.

Director and writer: Ishioka Masato
Cast: Miko Matsumoto (=Mari); Hideo Nakaizumi(= Atsushi),Yuka Fujimoto
Producer: Joo Kiyo (?)
Contact: Gold View Co., 03-5342-7267 ".

Yoga - Berlin

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> Betreff: Anyone seen a film called PAIN?
> I've had a tip off about a recent, or soon-to-be release in Japan of a film
> called PAIN, (originally called SCOUTMAN) - a film about young people
> working in the sex industry in Ikebukuro. It's about to be
> released here. All I've heard. is that it uses a mixture of actors and
> non-actors. Does anyone have any more information/opinions?
> Cheers
> Jasper Sharp
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