Anyone seen a film called PAIN?

antti autio aa at
Thu Oct 11 02:10:22 EDT 2001

it was show at helsinki in love & anarchy/helsinki international film
festival last month as well. i saw & it was okay, but nothing
spectacular. theme-wise related to masato harada's ko-gals and
somewhat like it in some other aspects as well. here's the brief 
summary in english from the festival catalogue:

Scoutmen have created a unique street network of their own, and entice
young girls into this network to the world which they have never been
before. "Would you like to share a lie with me?" Scoutmen form a
"partnership in deception" with these girls. The question is
"deception in relation to what, truth in relation to what?" - Masato


Jochen Bitterlich writes:
 > I did't see it either, but it was shown in Berlin at the "Berlin Beta 2001".
 > "The film portrays a group of young people who seek out for quick money, but
 > falling in the trap of the body selling game.

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