television archives in Japan??

Junko Tanaka junkotanaka
Mon Oct 8 12:39:48 EDT 2001

Just came back from Yamagata tonight while having to miss the closing day of
the Yamagata Int'l Doc FF 2001. I'm sure there'll be interesting reports
coming from members that were there. For now,  I'll just say that it was
just as wonderful an edition as the previous ones. As far as I know, there
wasn't a
film from Japan as debate-breaking as The New God of 1999, but I can say the
Kamei Fumio retrospective was successful (so were the other programs of
course), full-house at times, and its catalog sold so well.
To answer Stephanie's question, what I know (I have a friend serving as an
advisor to the project) is that NHK is currently working on digitizing all
their works, which will be made available at their NHK Hakubutsukan
(museum/archive/research center kind of institution) in Atago, Minato-ku,
Tokyo. Since their space is limited in Atago, they are setting a sort of
"warehouse" in Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama, and any visitors to Hakubutsukan can
use individual booths and have access to past NHK programs transmitted to
you on request from Saitama. NHK's also keen on "educating" people to be
more media-literate, and plans to have some shooting and editing equipment
available at the museum so people can play with it and have some experience
using these tools.
Sounds very promising, but I don't know when the project ends. I'll post any
additional news if any.
Junko Tanaka - Tokyo

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> Greetings everyone.  I'm wondering if anyone would have a sense of the
> "state" of television archives in Japan.  Where might they (if any) be
> located?  And what levels of access would they allow?  Are there any
> universities or other organizations that hold fairly good collections on
> television?  At the moment, I'm primarily concerned with dramas/etc linked
> with NHK (I suspect that they might have their own archives?), but any
> kind of answer to my above questions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Stephanie DeBoer

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