Sma Station

Ulrich Plate plate
Sun Oct 21 05:04:22 EDT 2001

>As an update to the discussion, SmaStation is on
>right now, and the logo is now very different from the
>image file posted to this list last week.  Now it's more
>like a single "S" with some squiggly lines in the
>middle.  Maybe someone at TV Asahi is paying
>attention to us. :)

Wow. That really is strange. I couldn't watch the show yesterday, but I just
went and checked the website: not only did the old logo disappear entirely
from there, too, the use of the new one is being reduced to an almost
imperceptible extent! Before, when you clicked on the small logo on TV
Asahi's homepage (which is gone, too), a new window opened and showed the
old logo for a few seconds, huge and smack in the middle of the screen,
before you were teleported to the actual pages inside. Now these "opening
credits" are text only, and the new logo is only being used as part of some
anime trailers for next week's show, and on a tiny photo of people wearing a
t-shirt with the logo printed on it, but you'd need a magnifying glass to
make any sense of it. Can't be a coincidence, somebody must have been made
aware of problems the old logo might create. I'd love to know the story
behind this change, anybody know anybody at TV Asahi we could ask? :-)

Ulrich Plate

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