Gwyn gwyn
Mon Oct 22 04:28:57 EDT 2001

Hi there

I hope everyone might bear with me on a slight digression from the usual
discussion, though it does involve something cinematic and Japanese! I was
attempting to put a PhD proposal together which involved a thesis discussing
the similarities/differences between the writing of Raymond Chandler and Ian
Fleming. However, I've slowly realised that Fleming's work isn't really up
to that sort of breakdown. I'm trying to make the Chandler comparison with
Paul Auster or Haruki Murakami. I was wondering if anyone could help me find
secondary material on Murakami in English (or Auster for that matter).
Secondly, since Chandler has connections with cinema I was wondering if
Murakami might have any writing credits etc.

Any information would be extremely helpful to me.

One more question. How do Japanese people react to the representation of the
Japanese in Bruce Lee movies and even in the 90s in other chinese? movies,
most notably Jet Li's Fist of Legend?



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