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I think all film noir has that dark and devious worldview.  Most of the film work of Chandlers is Film noir.

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Not really. In American terms, Rampo is much closer to someone like Cornell
Woollrich. They share a similar dark and devious worldview.

Pete Tombs
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> I was thinking of Rampo as being a good comparison to Chandler what does
the rest of the group think
> Kay Harrington
> University of Central Florida
> >>> gwyn at corporategraphics.ie 10/22/01 04:28AM >>>
> Hi there
> I hope everyone might bear with me on a slight digression from the usual
> discussion, though it does involve something cinematic and Japanese! I was
> attempting to put a PhD proposal together which involved a thesis
> the similarities/differences between the writing of Raymond Chandler and
> Fleming. However, I've slowly realised that Fleming's work isn't really up
> to that sort of breakdown. I'm trying to make the Chandler comparison with
> Paul Auster or Haruki Murakami. I was wondering if anyone could help me
> secondary material on Murakami in English (or Auster for that matter).
> Secondly, since Chandler has connections with cinema I was wondering if
> Murakami might have any writing credits etc.
> Any information would be extremely helpful to me.
> One more question. How do Japanese people react to the representation of
> Japanese in Bruce Lee movies and even in the 90s in other chinese? movies,
> most notably Jet Li's Fist of Legend?
> Yours
> Gwyn

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