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[A2] will be screened in the closing ceremony of the Beirut Documentary Film 
Festival (www.docudays.com) on the 6th of November, followed by a discussion 
with the director Mori Tatsuya.

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on 10/25/01 1:43 AM, Michael Dancsok at dunchoke at hotmail.com wrote:

 > Anybody know if A2 will be aired in the near future?
 > Michael Dancsok

A2 will be screened at the Pusan International Film Festival in November,
which will be showing a large number of Japanese films overall.

David Desser

 >> A2 (Japan)  Dir: Mori Tatsuya
 >> The filmmaker had the courage to get inside a sect, Aum, that
 >> committed criminal actions. He was wondering whether there was more
 >> to this group than the demonic image imposed by the media.  He
 >> shows the sect and Japanese society facing each other like twins,
 >> like mirror images.  The film expresses a sense of the confusion of
 >> our post-modern world.  It gives a frightening picture of a society
 >> under stress, where the germs of totalitarianism can very easily
 >> surge in order to restore a lost consensus.

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