Gakko No Kaidan

Miles Wood diabolik
Tue Oct 30 10:45:44 EST 2001

Tom Mes wrote:

> I discovered this title while looking for Kiyoshi Kurosawa films on the
> Tsutaya website. With four directors credited (Shinobu YAGUCHI, Norio
> TSURUTA, Akira OGATA and Kiyoshi KUROSAWA), this looks like an omnibus film
> or collection of tv films.

I'm guessing this is a collection of stories from the tv-series, which Kurosawa
has directed for in the past. I saw one hour-long tape collection called GAKKO NO
KAIDAN G which fetaured one of his 10 minute films, along with another of similar
length and various much shorter snippets. I've also seen three tapes (from a
different company) entitled GAKKO NO KAIDAN each containing two approximately 10
minute stories that seemed aimed at younger viewers (the cast were pre-teen) so
I'm not sure if there are different series sharing the same title or if it's
mutated over the years.


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