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Justine Toh jube80
Wed Apr 3 05:30:21 EST 2002

if there was a lot of sex in it, i'd say it was Empire of Passion, directed
by Nagisa Oshima, who also made In the Realm of the Senses. the plot you
described sounds similar to what i know of that film


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Date: Wednesday, 3 April 2002 7:10
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Years ago I saw an impressing Japanese film on TV, but I do not remember
neither the title nor the name of the director. The movie suddenly began to
haunt me strongly these days, so I hope you can help me out.

The plot was something like this:
         A poor married couple lived in a shabby rural village. The wife
had a lover and quite soon they decided to strangle the gentle husband.
(The wife and her lover were both depicted as rather primitive and naive
beings). After having hidden the corpse in some old well, things got worse
and worse. The wife began to deplore the crime deeply  the poor thing
walked in the woods and called out the name of her husband in a great
despair (most eerie and touching parts of the movie). In the end both the
wife and her lover were hung naked heads downwards on the bough and
punished by whipping.
It seemed to be rather old film and probably black and white (perhaps only
TV set?).

Thank you in advance
Henno Sonn

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