Just who is Haruo Mizuno / Mike Mizuno

Miles Wood diabolik
Sun Apr 14 23:00:57 EDT 2002

Aaron Gerow wrote:

> Mizuno Haruo is a long-standing film critic, most famous for being one of
> those "film introducers" on TV. He is very much a "popular" film critic
> who concentrates on Hollywood films. What one can say about his two
> ventures into directing depends on your position, but it does raise
> certain questions. I recall one eminent Japan studies scholar saying
> there is no camp in Japan. I disagree, and perhaps Siberian Express is a
> case to prove this wrong. Or perhaps not?

Interesting. I wonder if the performances were deliberately bad, or as in the
case of many Japanese/Chinese/Korean etc films one could mention, simply the
result of the director's unfamiliarity with the English language.


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