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Aaron Gerow gerow
Wed Apr 17 22:18:52 EDT 2002

Mention has already been made of the Kawase Naomi retro at the Infinity 
Festival in Italy, but I should note there is actually a competition and 
two juries for the festival. No Japanese films were involved in the 
results of the main competition jury, but the SIGNIS Jury, composed of 
representatives of SIGNIS, a Catholic media organization, awarded its 
prize to John Williams' FIrefly Dreams (Ichiban utsukushii natsu). Here 
is the jury's comments on the film (I have cleaned up the English a bit);

Naomi, a rebel teenager, has been sent by her divorcing parents to work 
at her aunt's restaurant. She's uncommunicative and uninterested in 
what's around her. Nevertheless, day by day, she gets in touch with a 
reality she didn't know before by looking after an old lady with 
Alzheimer's disease.
She then grows up through accepting the other and the pain caused by 
A universal message about the worth of confrontation and about the 
encounter between different ages. A film supported by an expressive style 
made of contrasts between city and countryside, modernity and tradition, 
colours, shadows and lights.

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