Japan TV tapes

drainer@mpinet.net drainer
Wed Apr 17 23:00:21 EDT 2002

A request:

    I would like to use Japanese TV as a medium to further my Japanese
language ability (and perhaps for other studies as well). Of course, I do
not have access to Japanese television on a constant basis (when I do, it's
TV Japan; I would like some entertainment), so I am writing to ask if anyone
may be interested in recording Japanese television and trading (or sending)
tapes. If anyone is interested, please reply to my e-mail address... all you
have to do is hit "record" and drop it off in the mail. I'll pay for
tapes/shipping/your time/et al.....

p.s. Any interesting shows would be appreciated.... cartoons, kid's shows,
game shows, sitcoms, maybe even some dorama.


          daniel freire

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