DVD Players and regions // THANKS A LOT!

Tobias W. Reich samohung
Thu Apr 18 10:37:26 EDT 2002

> Firstly, if I go up to Akihabara, what's the Japanese for "region free" and
> how much can I expect to pay?

You won't find codefree DVD drives inside Notebooks, no chance.
Especially in Japan where US import (Code 1) DVDs are *very* few,
codefree mods aren't available widely.

> Secondly, anyone know how to get round the region code restrictions for the
> WinDVD player software (version 2.3)?

Very easy, just do a google search on DVD Genie (just an example, there
are lots of solutions). 
There are also firmware patches for the actual DVD drives available on the net...


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