New York Times and Sen to Chihiro

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>    .... This kind of thing couldn't go on for five minutes without
>    deep editorial complicity and ignorance and would be unimaginable
>    regarding most other countries.....
> Oh, it's imaginable, all right.  I suspect France, England, and
> perhaps Italy are the only countries that are likely to escape such
> treatment at the hands of _Times_' correspondents.

   I agree with you that this goes way beyond Japan. Recent coverage of
Afghanistan and the Middle East certainly establishes that. The Times is
generally careless outside the U.S.
    I'd be curious to know which countries qualify as deserving professional
journalistic attention and preparation. This would have to be a study in
relative degrees of ignorance and disrespect. England and Canada surely fit
on the map. Nonsense about Russia has been processed through area studies
experts with their various axes to grind.  Sadly, this is probably also true
for the middle east. Yet, when it comes to other countries like Japan they
feel entitled to just wing it. Do KJ subscribers see this as a problem with
U.S. journalism generally, or the particular hubris of the New York Times? I
think the Times annoys me more because I have the feeling readers presume
they do a noticeably better job than their competitors when it comes to
non-U.S. issues. Sad to think this performance passes for "cosmopolitan" in
the U.S.

Mark Anderson
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