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Wed Jan 9 11:41:02 EST 2002

Dear Mark and his friends,

This is actually a hoax, and a pretty good one. Sulfnbk.exe is a real file 
found on most Window computers when you update Windows 95. (I didn't fall for 
the hoax only because we use Macs.) Here's the information from Hewlitt 
Packard on this email:

<<Thank you for contacting HP's Customer Care e-mail support.

You may have received an e-mail message warning you of a virus 
(sulfnbk.exe) that will become active on June 01, 2001.  The e-mail 
states that the virus file must be deleted, and explains how to delete 
the sulfnbk.exe file.  Do not delete the sulfnbk.exe file, as it is a 
Windows system file.  

For detailed information on this virus hoax or if you have already 
deleted the file, you can find instructions on reinstalling the 
Sulfnbk.exe file at one the following Web sites:



Microsoft's Knowledge Base has a related article (Q190418) that 
explains what can happen if the Sulfnbk.exe file is removed from the 
system.  Please visit Microsoft's Web site at:

     Note:  The links above will take you outside the HP Web
            site.  HP does not control and is not responsible
            for information outside of the HP Web site.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this message.  You may 
also find technical and troubleshooting information along with software 
updates, on our HP Customer Care Web site at:

Best regards,
HP Customer Solutions Team>>

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