Virus alert

Susan B. Klein sbklein
Wed Jan 9 17:51:39 EST 2002

Mark, the virus is actually the email itself. You have deleted a file that 
is necessary to the running of your computer. I have a file on this on my 
home computer that explains how to reinstate that file -- I'll find it and 
email it to you and the list as a whole later. In the mean time, anyone 
else who received the note should ignore it (i.e. don't delete the 
sulfnbk.exe file).  Susan

At 01:39 AM 1/10/02 +1000, you wrote:
>Got this virus alert from my publisher (Weatherhill) tonight, found the 
>virus in my system and successfully eliminated it. Since you are in my 
>address book, I am afraid you may at risk as well. Sorry for any inconvenience.
>Mark Schilling
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>Subject: Possible virus
>Dear All,
>     I have today received an Email saying that I may have inadvertently 
> passed on a virus that spreads from address book to address book. It is 
> apparently undetectable by Norton or McAfee. It remains dormant for two 
> weeks, then activates and wipes out hard drive data.
>     When I checked my hard drive I found the virus and deleted it. As you 
> are in my address book, it is important that you follow the instructions 
> below to check / delete the virus.
>1.  Go to START and to FIND or SEARCH (depending on computer)
>2.  In SEARCH FOR FILE or FOLDER, type sulfnbk.exe - this is the virus
>3.  In the LOOK IN section, make sure you are searching the C Drive
>4.  Hit SEARCH or FIND
>5.  If you find an ugly black icon and the file name DO NOT open it
>6.  Right click on the file, go to DELETE and left click
>7.  When asked if you want to send it to the Recycle Bin, say yes
>8.  Go to Desktop and double click on Recycle Bin
>9.  Locate the file and delete as above
>       If you find the file, send this message on to the people in your 
> address book. Sorry for the (possible) bad news, but am hopeful that you 
> have not got the same problem or that you have found it in good time.
>       Regards,
>       P.O'N.
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