Don Brown the8thsamurai
Tue Jan 8 09:19:30 EST 2002

>For my first trip to the movie theater in 2002 I went to see "Go" in
>Yokohama, and I thought it was very worthwhile.

I missed out on this one, on purpose: can't stand that Kubotsuka Yosuke.  
After watching Himawari and narrowly missing out on Zeitaku na Hone though, 
I wish I'd put up with all Kubotsuka's tough-guy poseur antics and caught 
the damn thing at the theatre.
People like me who missed Go first time around and living in the Kansai 
area have another chance to see it and a few other notable releases from 
last year at the Asahi 2002 Best Ten Film Festival from Feb. 25th to March 
3rd held beneath Festival Hall in Osaka.  Also screening are Eureka, Kodomo 
no Jikan and Water Boys.  Fortunately Eureka is screening on a Saturday, so 
I won't have to spend the night at an all-night karaoke box.
Don Brown

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