war films from the war period

Michael Fitzhenry michael.fitzhenry
Wed Jan 9 00:25:46 EST 2002

Dear all,

I am writing with a request--principally addressed to Peter High--for
recent articles in English language about the war films made in Japan
during the war period. I guess the films I am most interested in are
_Kaigun_ _Gonin no Sekkohei _ _Shanghai_ (that's the one with Shirley
Yamaguchi) and _Tatakau Heitai_. The reason to address this request
principally to Peter High is because of his book (in Japanese) _Senso to
Gimaku_ (forgive me if I got the title wrong). I though maybe you
(Peter) had published bits of it elsewhere in English.

The material is sought for the Japanese component of a course on Asian
Cinema at Sydney University. The films form the basis of one lecture,
but I also want to give out some readings and there is no foreign
language prerequisite for the course, taught in the Art History and
Theory department, hense in English language. Any sugestions from anyone
on the list would be appreciated.

Michael Fitzhenry

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