Introduction and feedback request

Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Jan 10 21:26:46 EST 2002


>First, I would like to know if such a message
>as mine is allowed on this bulletin board as it concerns non-Japanese films
>as well although these will becompared to Japanese films. Also, how long can
>a posted message be? I would like to post a much longer message to the board
>to include my views and ask for your feedback. Please inform me as to how
>long a posting should be.

If your research is part of a comparative project involving Japanese 
film, feel free to post such a message to the list.  Depending on the 
questions, however, you might want to ask people to respond to you 
personally instead of to the list.  As for the length, if it is the same 
set of questions as you sent to me personally, then that is within 
acceptable length.

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