New DVD -- Masumura's Kyojin to gangu

Miles Wood diabolik
Thu Jan 31 06:34:14 EST 2002

Michael E Kerpan Jr wrote:

> " More valid today than the day it was made, New Wave master
> Yasuzo Masumura's DaieiScope explosion of color, sound and acid wit
> ranks with the best satires of Billy Wilder and Frank Tashlin.
> ****end****
> I must say I've never heard of either the film or the director.  Is this
> actually more signifcant than all the Ozu, Mizoguchi, Naruse  (et al)
> classics that are NOT coming out on DVD?

Depends on whether you think Tashlin more significant than, say, Huston or
Lean. Well, sort of...


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