teaching taiyozoku / subtitling consortium?

Jonathan M. Hall jmhall
Thu Jan 31 20:51:20 EST 2002

David A. underscores the need for expanding the kinds of directors we put on
our syllabi  and for historicizing our approaches to the directors and films
we do take up.  I think most people on the list are extremely sympathetic to
this call.  

But, what suntribe films exist subtitled without having to pay for their
shipment from Japan?

For my postwar cinema class, I was fortunate enough to have Ichikawa's
Punishment Room screening nearby.  I also used clips (without subtitles)
from Crazed Fruit. 

What became of Michael Raine's proposal for a subtitling consortium?  I had
little time for it when it was proposed two years ago, but am very hopeful
it is still operating.  Can someone in the know give us an update?

If the plan has not materialized, perhaps we could at least arrange to share
the shipping expenses from Japan for a subtitled print.  If, say, three or
four places all screen the same film within a 2 week period, this might
work.  If you're interested, please don't hesitate to drop a line to the
list or to me personally.  Taiyo no kisetsu or Kurutta kajitsu seem like
obvious choices for many a syllabus ...

Jonathan Hall

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