Call for Papers: Asian Cinemas

Susan Morrison Susan.Morrison at
Wed Jul 10 12:06:42 EDT 2002

This is a call for papers for issue #60 of CineAction, an international
film magazine based in Toronto Canada published three times a year. The
focus for this issue will be primarily the films, film histories, and film
industries of Japan and mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but may
also include those of other Asian nations whose films are being seen
internationally, such as South Korea and Thailand.
We are interested in a broad range of approaches as well as topics, from
the particular (e.g. films, directors, actors) to the general (e.g.
national characteristics, economic constraints, historical and/or
contemporary directions).

Papers are to be submitted by mail by November 15, 2002 in the form of a
hard copy mailed directly to the editor. Those papers selected for
publication will be subsequently required to be emailed to the editor in
file attachment. It would be appreciated if a brief proposal be
submitted/emailed as early as possible as an indication of intention to

Please address all queries and submissions to the issue's editor:
Susan Morrison
314 Spadina Road
Toronto On M5R 2V6
email: smorr at

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