Chihiro complaints

Aaron Gerow gerow at
Mon Jul 22 23:26:23 EDT 2002

The DVD for Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi when on sale on the 19th and 
there are already complaints about the quality of the image. According to 
the complaints, the whole image seems reddish in tone and hard to see. 
Supposedly the problem in part lies in the fact that Sen to Chihiro was 
not done with cel animation, but all on computer, and since "they 
couldn't determine the color tone with the cels, Miyazaki Hayao and the 
person in charge of color decided on a color tone 'closest to when it was 
shown in the theater.'"

I don't quite understand the technology enough to understand this 
reasoning (perhaps someone could explain), but has anyone seen the DVD 

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